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WRTnode, which is based on Wi-Fi AP-Soc, is an open source development board hardware. There is a Mediatek MT7620n chip in it.

It is mini, cheap and has pretty low power consumption and reasonable capability of computing. Besides, It is born to high speed of Wi-Fi network exchange.

What does WRTnode aim for? Maybe different people have different opinions. Our team considers it as a high speed and digital version of "Arduino". Since it could connect and interact with USB devices like camera and sound card, we can collect images and voices at the same time and stream out multimedia stream in real time. After a layer of A / D converter, It could directly interact with physical world like all kinds of sensors and motors.

OpenWrt, which is a distribution of embedded Linux, is the system of WRTnode. When multimedia information and various of input and output control focus on a Linux system which has small volume, low power consumption and enough computing capacity, after porting and optimizing the existing pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and other applications, we may setup a series of interesting "smart" devices. And they are supplemented by powerful network capabilities. we may get a structure of MATRIX and NODE. This is where the node in WRTnode comes from.

We pronounce WRTnode as what-node.

As an OpenWrt supported device, WRTnode applies everything on We highly recommended take as the trusted reference.

Details of WRTnode:




Starting guide

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USB Serial


Download & Compile WRTnode static SDK

Flash Firmware

Saving your WRTnode



OpenWrt toolchain

HelloWorld ipk


Porting OpenCV to WRTnode

WRTnode Projects

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