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This package repository provides the WRTnode software using .ipk files and the opkg package manger.
Installing .ipk packages is commonly done in two ways:
1: WRTnode is connected to the network, downloading and installing from the official WRTnode .ipk repository.
Get opkg parameters

$ opkg --help
Package Manipulation:
        update                  Update list of available packages
        upgrade <pkgs>          Upgrade packages
        install <pkgs>          Install package(s)
        configure <pkgs>        Configure unpacked package(s)
        remove <pkgs|regexp>    Remove package(s)
        flag <flag> <pkgs>      Flag package(s)
         <flag>=hold|noprune|user|ok|installed|unpacked (one per invocation)


Force Options:
        --force-depends         Install/remove despite failed dependencies
        --force-maintainer      Overwrite preexisting config files
        --force-reinstall       Reinstall package(s)
        --force-overwrite       Overwrite files from other package(s)
        --force-downgrade       Allow opkg to downgrade packages
        --force-space           Disable free space checks
        --force-postinstall     Run postinstall scripts even in offline mode
        --force-remove  Remove package even if prerm script fails
        --force-checksum        Don't fail on checksum mismatches
        --noaction              No action -- test only
        --download-only No action -- download only
        --nodeps                Do not follow dependencies
        --nocase                Perform case insensitive pattern matching
                                Remove package and all dependencies
        --autoremove            Remove packages that were installed
                                automatically to satisfy dependencies
        -t                      Specify tmp-dir.
        --tmp-dir               Specify tmp-dir.


$ opkg update 


$ opkg install xxx          //If there are dependencies or version does not correspond, you can try `opk install xxx --force-depends  --force-overwrite` 


$ opkg remove xxx

2: WRTnode is not connected to the network. You need to download the software, copy it to the WRTnode's tmp directory and install the .ipk manually
If your local PC uses linux, you can upload .ipk files using scp ; If you use Windows, you can use WinSCP to upload the .ipk files.

$ opkg install xxx.ipk 


$ opkg remove xxx.ipk