WRTnode connect to the network through the wan port

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一: Modify the WAN mode
1: On the luci interface implementation:
1.1 Web address bar enter login WRTnode .
1.2 In Network-> interfaces to edit WAN.
1.3 modify the configuration
Override MAC address is set to null
1.4 Save & Apply
2: The above operations can also change the configuration file /etc/config/network to achieve.
Modify ago:
The revised:
二: with a network cable connected to WRTnode router WAN port and LAN port.
1: No WRTnode standard backplane
1.1 to go to the root of the network cable
This is the root of the production and use of the network cable can Click here to view details
1.2 network cable connected to the WAN port WRTnode
Here's WAN port, LAN port is defined by software, which can be modified through the configuration file.
Click here for details
2: Use WRTnode standard backplane
2.1 backplane access ports connected physically port3 port, the software is the default setting for port3 LAN port, so we have to modify the network port configuration to achieve port3 as Wan mouth.
2.2 modify the configuration file /etc/config/network to achieve.
Modify ago:
After modified:
(Ie: for the 0 position and 3, the original definition of the WAN port port0 to port3)

$ /etc/init.d/network Restart

2.3 After modification:
See if there is a network cable to connect the display
Check whether there wan port ip address assigned to
If you see these, you have successfully set
The next is pleasant to the Internet