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WRTnode dedicated network cable(Picture 1):
Picture 1
Cable pin description:
First of all, a T568B cable is needed. T568B cable is usually be router is connected to a computer in the home, ADSL ordinary parallel line.
T568B cable line sequence is as follows(Table 1): 
Then cable cut, Choose the green, green and white, orange, orange, white four wires. The rest 4 wires can be cut.
The above four lines to make a 2 * 2 dupont pin plug, dupont line plug distribution is as follows(Table 2):
Well, you can connect WRTnode board!
The stitching on the core board diagram(Picture 2):
Picture 2
There is a small at one end of the cable black arrow (Pin1 mark). When we use it and WRTnode connection, can connect the any one of four LAN port, arrow is respectively corresponds to the WRTnode 2,4,6,8 pin(the Pin2 corresponding WRTnod, 1, 3, 5, 7 pin), in the cable only have 2,4,6,8 pin can be any one, Used in the following figure is WRTnode 4 this pin(Picture 3).
As shown in Picture 2 , a marked WAN and LAN mouth is explained in the position of the board and pins.
Picture 3