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1:compile and install ipk

Download the WRTnode FlashMAC package ,compile and install.

If you do not want to compile it you can directly download it as ipk, and install directly.


2:After install, download WRTnodemacjsonp.html


3:How to use the WRTnodemacjsonp.html page

The first step: Start WRTnode and connect the WRTnode and PC with the network cable.

The second step: Select Google browser (such as Chrome) to open the WRTnodemacjsonp.html file

The third step: Write MAC address in the input box


Then click the button, as follows


Page will prompt whether the success of brush written MAC.If successful, the MAC address is automatically incremented 2.

Such as: 18:DD:BB:FF:EE:CC, successfully flashed MAC address input box automatically displays the next write MAC address 18:DD:BB:FF:EE:CE